What is it?

Wind turbine mould release liner & linings are part of a range offered from made from PTFE coated fabrics. These materials can be used to allow the easy release of the mould sections once cured.

How are Wind Turbines made?

There are usually two methods used for the process of manufacturing wind turbine blades which is either infusion composite or prepreg which you can take a look at by following the hyper links.

How does your PTFE coated glass fabric come in to use?

The two methods referred to would generally use PTFE coated glass fabric to line moulds providing easy release once the process is finished. The benefit would be the smooth surface on the blade due to the highly concise structure of the PTFE sheet materials surface.

How does your PTFE fabric hold in position?

Our materials are supplied with a high performance silicone adhesive that will hold in the elevated temperatures involved when curing the blades in an autoclave. The maximum temperature we would recommend for our adhesive would be not to exceed 250 Celsius or 480 Fahrenheit.

How can we buy this?

You can contact us either by e mail at alextx@aliyun.com krteflon@aliyun.com or by calling our CN based Technical Sales Team on 0086-15850895828


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