Applications Summary

Product Applications

Application of PTFE Fabric, Silicone Fabric and PTFE Film

Aircraft Composites Manufacturing

KingRay product is used in the manufacturing of composite aircraft components, like mold release tape, vacuum bagging bleeder cloths.Mold release tape is applied directly to the mold, allowing for a clean and easy release surface. And the porous PTFE fabric provides excellent release and is used as breather fabrics, allowing for air and volatiles to escape


PTFE fabric for composite aircraft components

Wind Turbine Blades Release

This application also use PTFE porous fabric and PTFE adhesive fabric. We customize PTFE porous fabric with balanced porosity & release property, and has high mechanical strength. For PTFE adhesive fabric, our mold release tape is easy release and has high mechanical strength, so that it can be reused many times easily.


Wind Turbine Blades Release

Automotive Composites Manufacturing

PTFE Release sheet for lightweight plastic/polymer processing like SMC, GMT and RMT.
-PTFE Release sheet for lightweight automotive components like front ends, underbody trims, door carrier, parcel shelf and auto seat.
-PTFE Belt for rubber extrusion and curing, offer release surface for curing and cooling of the PU, PE or PVC
-PTFE Bleeder cloths and PTFE mold release tape for carbon fiber car hood.


Release sheet for automotive composites manufacturing

Electrical Insulation

KingRay PTFE coated cloth is used for electrical insulation such as aerospace wire wrapping and electrical coil and phase insulation. 
-Our PTFE Fabric has excellent mechanical strength, high dielectric constant, strong chemical resistance and heat resistant to 500°F/260°C.
-KingRay PTFE fabrics are also used as linings for the coils of superconducting magnets in order for reducing noise and vibration.


PTFE coated fabric for electrical insulation

FPCB CVL Lamination

KingRay PTFE coated fabrics are used as release liner for CVL (coverlay) lamination or quick lamination, since our material has high mechanical strength and offers excellent release and non-stick property. 
Excellent smooth, easy release and defect free PTFE fabric will maximum the output in FPCB manufacturing process.


PTFE release sheet for FPCB CVL Lamination

PTFE Copper Clad Laminate (CCL)

PTFE CCL market is expected to has a high speed development in these years, this product is a type of CCL which use PTFE impregnated fiberglass fabric as a basic material. It has excellent dielectric properties, obvious advantages in the high frequency circuit board, which also has high request of the property of PTFE fabric.


PTFE Fabric & Film for Copper Clad Laminate

LCD Conductive Film Bonding

PTFE film is generally used on TFT-LCD Module and PDP Module process,

especially in ACF Bonding process of TFT-LCD Module, this film’s function is shock-absorber of bonding tool and protecting glass panel from breaking damage cause by particle and unbalance of PCB size.


LCD Conductive Film Bonding

Solar Module Lamination

PTFE coated fiberglass fabric is used as non-stick release liner or belt in Photovoltaic(PV) module vacuum lamination processes. 
Due to the durable, high mechanical strength, defect free and excellent release property of our PTFE fabric, KingRay helps our customers to minimum the production off time and increasing module's quality.


PTFE release sheet for Solar module Laminating

Expansion Joint

PTFE Fabric or Silicone Fabric is used as expansion joint in coal-fired power stations, chemical plant and so on, which is designed to serving reliable in severe working environment with high temperature, high corrosion, constant vibration etc.


PTFE & Silicone Expansion joint

Flooring - Luxury vinyl tile

Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) is a fast growing market in both residential and commercial construction, this tile is different from traditional flooring like ceramic or wooden tile(flooring).
PTFE Heavy Belt is used as release sheet or belt for the lamination of LVT.


Luxury vinyl tile

Flooring - PVC & PU Carpet

PVC & PU Padded and Cushion Backed Carpet like anti-fatigue mats, therapeutic pads, artificial turf and traditional carpeting, is using PTFE fabric as release belt for curing and cooling process.
KingRay PTFE belt offer excellent release, chemical resistant and long life time property.


PVC & PU Carpet

Flooring - Rubber or Rubber backed

Crumb Rubber flooring or Nitrile backed nylon carpet, like walk off mat, is using PTFE fabric as release belt for curing and cooling process.
KingRay PTFE belt offer excellent release, chemical resistant and long life time property.


Crumb rubber mats

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